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Get NEW BetFury Token stBFG to Double Your Staking Reward

Do you want to receive more passive income? Meet a new BetFury internal token – stBFG! It’s an exclusive asset for Staking, for which you can exchange your BFG to get an x2 APY boost! Discover how to use stBFG to double your income.

➡️ Convert BFG to stBFG and Enjoy x2 Staking APY

The Main Reasons for Creating stBFG

We decided to create stBFG for several reasons. The main ones are the long-term influence on the growth of the BFG token value and the decrease in supply circulation. At its core, this is also a loyalty program. All Betfurians who help maintain our ecosystem this way should be duly rewarded.

Our team handles the token's deflation strategy with monthly Burnings and the new stBFG system integration. To confirm our intentions and confidence in further BFG development, we have locked 1 000 000 000 team tokens for 3 years. After that, 5% of these tokens will be gradually unlocked monthly. In total, it takes us 4.8 years to get our tokens back. We do not stake locked stBFG, so only you get double APY. Our team earns from the regular dividend pool and redirects these assets to the project's development.

How to Get stBFG and Double Your APY?

stBFG is an alternative version of BFG. It can be obtained by converting your own token on the BFG staking page without commission. The minimum number of tokens on the balance for exchange must exceed 100 BFG. At the time of conversion, BFG will be locked for 365 days.

Assume you’ve already exchanged BFG for new stBFG tokens. After that, you can stake them and receive rewards from the current pool. This pool's distribution will be divided into two parts: BFG and stBFG. At the same time, stBFG holders will receive twice as much passive income as BFG holders.

📝Note: Boosted Fixed-Term BFG Staking has recently closed. Therefore, BFG Staking with stBFG now remains the only and best way to stake BFG tokens for a long period.

What’s the Fee for the BFG-stBFG Exchange?

There is no conversion fee. If you exchange 100 BFG, you will receive 100 stBFG. You can make a reverse exchange without commission only after the end of the annual lockdown period. If you want to do this earlier, the fee will be 50%.

Each new portion of converted stBFG is locked for a year. If you exchange 100 BFG on April 20 + 200 BFG on April 21, 2024, then 100 + 200 stBFG can be returned on April 20 and April 21, 2025, respectively. If you reverse convert 100 stBFG in May 2024, you will only get 50 BFG.

Opportunities & Restrictions

Essentially, stBFG is a clone of BFG. If you have staked all your tokens for a year, you can still play your favorite games. Yeah, you heard it right! Your stBFG bets can bring you more stBFG and will be considered in the total wager to increase your Rank. Winning stBFG tokens can also be easily converted to BFG without any fees. Your total wager will also apply to the Bonus System. Moreover, if your referral made a stBFG wager, you will receive an equivalent BFG reward. 

So, stBFG has the same functionality as BFG, except for some points. You cannot use a Deposit, Withdrawal, or Crypto Swap for stBFG. Tips, Coindrops, and Transfers will also not be available for this token. stBFG cannot be owned in Vaults or used as a Free Spins currency.

To sum up, try the new stBFG and increase your income. Use the Staking system wisely to avoid early withdrawal fees. We hope you fill your wallet with cryptocurrency. If you like the new token, leave your feedback on the platform.

➡️  Get stBFG & Double Your Staking Rewards

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