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Buy Crypto on BetFury

Ladies and gentlemen, BetFury offers the opportunity to Buy Crypto using fiat currency. Convert your crypto and deposit with just a few clicks! Our platform provides popular payment services (MoonPay and Banxa) for fast and convenient crypto deposits via Visa, MasterCard, etc. Let's take a closer look at this amazing feature.

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New Payment Offers and Methods

MoonPay is one of the payment services on BetFury and one of the top payment infrastructures in the crypto world. Its alternative is Banxa, which has also gained the trust of many crypto enthusiasts. Their joint mission is to provide a convenient and fast deposit system for Betfurians. MoonPay and Banxa allow using the most popular payment methods: VisaMasterCardGoogle PayApple Pay, and SEPA. New top services and methods like PayPal will also be added soon, so stay tuned.

You can choose any of them based on your preferences. If the fiat you choose is not supported by one of these methods, it will disappear from the list. After choosing a payment method, the system will prioritize the best payment service based on the commission price. This will reduce the time you spend searching for the most profitable way!

Adding these services and payment methods makes depositing funds less complicated and confusing. Agree that an easy and quick funds deposit will help you think only about winning. You can play and add crypto for higher bets in a few clicks. Moreover, after performing this algorithm several times, you will do it with your eyes closed!

Buy Crypto Guide

  • Log in to your BetFury account.
  • Click “Wallet” and “Buy Crypto”.
  • Select the fiat-crypto currency pair.
  • Enter the amount you’re purchasing.
  • Choose the Payment method & offer.
  • Tap on ✔ to agree with the Disclaimer. If you don't, the purchase button will be disabled.
  • Pass the verification and confirm the transaction on the selected payment service: MoonPay or Banxa.
  • Wait for your transaction's "Completed" status and enjoy crypto on the BetFury balance.

How to Pass The KYC?

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer”. This method provides exchanges and other platforms with protection against fraud, etc. It involves several steps to establish customers' identities and qualify them as legitimate. What is needed to pass KYC?

  • Enter your region and city zip code.
  • Select the document type to verify your identity: passport, national identity card, or driving license.
  • Continue the process by following the QR code, using a secure link, and connecting your phone number. 
  • Upload the selected document, which should be valid.
  • Take a selfie and complete the verification.

This procedure is completely safe. After all the steps, you can easily carry out any operations without worrying about your protection.

💡 If you have any questions, please contact our 24/7 Support Team. Together, we will cope with any situation and help you learn all about the Buy Crypto feature. If you are a member of the VIP Club, you can contact your Personal VIP Manager.

Fees & Transaction Confirmation

Let's consider the main limits and fees when buying crypto via MoonPay. The minimum amount to purchase cryptocurrency is $30, and the maximum is $30 000. In addition to the limits, the system also includes GEO restrictions. If payment methods or services do not work in your country, they will be excluded from the list. 

The commission depends on the amount of money you deposit. Transaction fees (for the USD-USDT pair via MoonPay & Visa) will equal 14.6% for $30 and 5.7% for $100. As you can see, the bigger the amount – the lower the fees. Thus, making one big deposit is more profitable than several small ones.

After confirming the data, the payment status is displayed in the list of account transactions. You can check if the process is complete by going to the Account → Transactions page. Your crypto balance will be replenished once the status becomes “Completed”.

Security of Funds

The safety of funds is the most important aspect when carrying out any action. Never click on unknown links, and avoid suspicious payment systems. Our team advises you to set up 2FA and strong passwords for maximum fund security. Besides, protect your accounts on MoonPay and Banxa. In the case of fraudulent activity, they take responsibility for your safety.

Random Example for Buy Crypto

Mr. Fury has a hundred dollars on a Visa card and wants to replenish the BetFury balance. To do this, the raccoon logs into the account and goes to the Buy Crypto section. By entering $100 in USD, Fury selects the desired cryptocurrency – ETH. The selected options correspond to the limits and restrictions, so Fury chooses Visa among the rest. The system will determine that the service with the minimum fees will be MoonPay. After this, the raccoon reads the Disclaimer and confirms it. Then, Fury clicks the “Buy Via MoonPay” button and checks all the data on the MoonPay service. After affirming, Fury gets some ETH amount on the account balance. 

In conclusion, Buy Crypto is the fast and convenient way to replenish your balance. Connecting top payment methods and services will be an excellent tool for an enjoyable gaming experience. Test BetFury deposit opportunities, and don’t waste time on lengthy transfers between crypto wallets. We hope you enjoy Buy Crypto 💜

➡️  Buy Your Favorite Crypto on BetFury

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