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BTC Halving: How Does It Affect the Crypto Price?

BTC Halving is one of the most awaited events in 2024. This trend spread throughout the crypto world. What happens during Halving? How does it affect the price of cryptocurrency? Sit back, and let's find out!

What is Bitcoin Halving?

BTC Halving reduces the reward for a mined block by two times. This automatic process is built into the Bitcoin protocol and is part of its ecosystem. Halving occurs approximately every four years after 210 000 BTC have been mined. Considering the total supply of 21 million, the end of the mining era is expected in 2140.

How many Halvings Have Happened?

There have been three Halvings in total since 2009, the starting point of the development of the crypto industry. Here are the dates of each event and the size of the block reward after it:

  • The 1st Halving: November 28, 2012, 25 BTC → 12.5 BTC
  • The 2nd Halving: July 9, 2016, 12.5 BTC → 6.25 BTC
  • The 3th Halving: May 11, 2020, 6.25 BTC → 3.125 BTC

The 4th Halving is expected on April 20, 2024 (very soon!). The block reward will be 1.5625 BTC. It is logical to assume that this process does not play into the hands of miners. Expensive equipment will not bring in as much money as before. On the other hand, the next Halving will have significant economic implications for the currency. Let's discover how this process affects the rise in prices of crypto assets.

Halving & Bitcoin Price

Let's go back in time and look at previous Halvings. They are united not only by accurate date predictions. Many analysts have tried to figure out what the price of Bitcoin will be using historical cycles. We provided detailed information about this in the article “The Fate of Bitcoin in 2024”.

As it turned out, each Halving positively affected the BTC exchange rate. It’s explained by a decrease in inflation and an increase in the nature of the deflationary currency. Simply put, the number of new coins mined rapidly falls, and their value is increasing. According to statistics, the price of Bitcoin a month before the Halving was about $7 000, and three months after, it reached $11 800. This increase was about 65.8%.

Now, let's analyze the current situation. At the beginning of the year (January 2024), Bitcoin was worth $42 000. Today, its rate is near the historical peak of $69 000. It means that the theory of the positive influence of Halving works. Then only one question remains: what will the price of BTC be by 2025?! The crypto industry is volatile, so no one can definitively answer. We hope it will repeat previous cycles and cross the $75 000 – $80 000 mark.

Which Aspects Highlight the Impact on Price Growth?

  • Statistics & Probability Theory
    The industry is like a metal bull trying to throw off anyone who wants to make an accurate forecast. However, based on the above data, the probability of a price increase again is relatively high. We advise you to follow the news, correctly structure expert forecasts, and take your time when creating an earnings strategy.
  • Trends and Community
    Halving created an incredible buzz on the Internet, filling it with various tweets, videos, and memes about Bitcoin. According to Metcalfe's law, the more users are involved in the project, the greater its value. Thus, trends of the 4th Halving and the emergence of new BTC owners can increase the Bitcoin price.
  • Top Platforms Reaction
    Advantageous offers for earning BTC also influence the arrival of new enthusiasts in crypto. While Halving creates a trend and the currency rises, platforms are developing tools to support this wave of relevance. For example, we offer BTC Staking with up to 60% APR, the opportunity to win up to 1 BTC in Fury Wheel, etc. If you connect the BetFury Telegram Bot, you can win up to 5 BTC in one spin!