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Secret Project — BetFury Box

All secrets come true! From the moment it was announced that BetFury was preparing a Secret Project, all users started actively discussing what it might be. There were questions about it in the Telegram chat every day. And some of the users were very close to the correct answer - so close that we wanted to answer “hot” (like in a game).

So the legendary Secret Project is “BetFury Box” 

Why was it a secret? The reason is the uniqueness in the і-Gaming world. The unprecedented project, which required much work and time for preparation.

What is the BetFury Box?

BetFury Box is a faucet itself - a unique opportunity to earn by multiplying Bitcoins!
Now earning BTC becomes accessible for everyone without special knowledge.

Earn Bitcoins in three steps:

- Sign up on BetFury
- Choose a preferable box with the best conditions for you
- Get income: free BTC every 20 min, profitable Deposits, and Referral bonuses up to 35%

⚠️ Boxes funds were allocated from the team side specifically to promote our platform (they don't apply to the Dividends pool).

There are 3 types of income from Boxes:
Free Box - Get up to 1800 Satoshi every day!



All registered users have an opportunity to get free BTC every 20 min. The only thing you need to do is to be attentive or set an alarm not to oversleep.
How does it work?
The Free Box is constantly replenishing with Bitcoins. Once 20 min pass, coins can be withdrawn. Press “Withdraw”, pass a Captcha and get BTC on your game balance. That’s it!
Come back every 20min for a new free roll and earn up to 1800 Satoshi of Daily Payouts.

  • The BetFury team has specially allocated funds for this unique project to promote our platform (they don't apply to the Dividends pool).
  • BetFury will notify players of any significant changes to existing terms and conditions of the Free Box before entering into force. BetFury may, at its sole discretion, make minor changes to these terms, the promotion itself or the players’ right to participate in this promotion for any reason, without prior notice to the players.


Boost Box - Earn up to 15% monthly!


BetFury provides not only the best gaming experience but also profitable services with maximum investment attractiveness!

Increase your funds with the Boost Boxes. 
BetFury offers to make Deposits more profitable than in banks.
Every box purchases require by completing some task: to get acquainted with our platform, play games or complete daily tasks.

Choose the Box to your taste.
Raccoon Fury has mined a set of different gemstones. Each of them has it’s name and is valuable in its own way.
The difference between them is the cost, the percentage that you can get and the number of days for which it is purchased.
Each new Box is an exclusive offer with a limited term and conditions. Keep an eye on BetFury not to miss new special Boxes with unique opportunities.

Get funds any time.
You can withdraw the full amount + % after the period finishes or withdraw the total expected amount with % by parts.
The BetFury team guarantees that you will return all invested funds +% at the end of the term of the box you bought.


Box Referral Bonuses - up to 35%


More fun and Bitcoins together with friends! Invite friends through your social networks and get up to 35% from their incomes.
1. Use your Referral link - it’s the same you’ve previously had on the BetFury account.
2. Share the Referral link to any social network: Telegram, Twitter or Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.
3. Get passive income.

It doesn't matter if your friends use a Free Box or Deposit Boxes - BTC will be pouring on your game balance.

Free Box - 20% from referrals withdrawals
Each time your referrals make withdrawals in the Free Box, you get a reward in the amount of 20%.
By clicking Withdraw, the balance of $100 is transferred to the game balance → referral rate (20%) $20 - affiliate commission.

Deposit box - 15% from referrals pure profit.
Your referrals buy boxes - you get coins immediately after the purchase.
By clicking Buy Box in amount of $100 ($100 deposit + $10 pure income) → referral rate (15%) ($10 * 0.15) = $1.5 referral commission.

⚠️ Note: 7 days Deposit boxes are not eligible for affiliate bonuses.

Start earning passively from the first minute. Later, the conditions for receiving referral bonuses can be changed, so enjoy the maximum benefit here and now!
The more invited friends you have - the more profit you get.

BetFury has presented in the Box for everyone! It’s the easiest way to get and multiply Bitcoins. 
There are a lot of ways to use earned crypto on BetFury: play games, mine BFG tokens, Stake them to get Dividends.
Sure, you’ll find the best variant for you!